Draw the roof | Drive your business

RCSi ProjecTracker℠ is a web-driven project estimating and management software tool for roofing contractors. Designed to streamline the roof estimating process, the software includes useful management tools/capability for all aspects of a roofing project.

Included in the package is a proprietary CAD program, developed as a customization of the powerful Ashlar-Vellum Graphite V8 software. RCSi has exclusive rights to the use of Graphite V8 software as the foundation of a roofing-customized CAD program.  ProjecTracker℠’s proprietary CAD program has stripped away all superfluous components not associated with the sketching of a roof, thereby giving the user a simple, yet powerful interface, which can be quickly learned by non-technical users.

The CAD program allows the roofing contractor to “sketch” a roof on any Windows-based computer, or Mac computer running Windows in parallel. Extensive testing has shown that users with very basic computer experience (surfing the web, writing a simple document or creating a simple spreadsheet), can become proficient in the use of this CAD program within 1 or 2 days of hands-on training. Designed to be user-friendly, ProjecTracker℠’s database is based on a simple, effective structure that requires little training for users to become competent in its use.

ProjecTracker™ revolutionizes the estimating process, and office management, for any roofing company. Using a portable tablet or laptop computer, an estimator can draw a roof onsite, and with mobile wi-fi technology, send the data associated with the roof sketch to the online database. ProjecTracker℠’s data, generated directly from the drawing, is translated into the database and spreadsheets, and eliminates the need to run numerous programs to perform various tasks. ProjecTracker℠ makes it possible to provide a precise estimate to a roofing client in under an hour, without ever leaving the project site.

ProjecTracker℠’s database does much more than merely store data. Following the progressive steps of a roofing project, the software incorporates inputting client information, uploading roof data from the CAD sketch tool, project estimating, proposals, contracts, scheduling, invoicing and ultimately, job costing. The integrated database is fully searchable, and allows users to manipulate data for a variety of purposes, including profiling, business and performance analysis, and reporting. 

Because ProjecTracker℠’s database is available online, users can access data in real time from anywhere in the world with internet access. This is ideal for the roofing contractor who works mainly in the field, yet still works in his office and from home. By allowing multiple users to access the same data at the same time, it also allows the contractor to work with his staff to discuss and analyze projects and trends to help build and grow his business.