Draw the roof | Drive your business

RCSiProjectTracker can save you thousands of dollars and hours every year. ProjecTracker streamlines the estimating process for you, allowing you to run your company the way you like it, with improved efficiency, greater accuracy, and increased profits.  Maximize your business performance with ProjecTracker's simple, easy-to-use system. 

Web driven Benefits
  • Backed up hourly in multiple locations
  • Data can be accessed anytime, anywhere with an internet connection
  • Unlimited picture and data storage
Staff Efficiency Benefits
  • One time database entry, no transferring data between programs
  • Draw roof in average of 3-4 minutes with no calculator (ground or on roof)
  • Respond to estimate requests within hours, not days
Profitability Benefits
  • Eliminates boneyard and additional trips to supplier due to materials shortages
  • Increases capture rate with fast estimate response time and professionalism
  • Mathematical accuracy reduces profit shortfall and estimate mistakes
Financial Benefits
  • Average annual cost of RCSiProjectTracker: $5-8 / bid
  • Average annual savings: ~ $75+/bid
  • Cost of ProjecTracker equals miscalculating 1 square ten times in a year