Draw the roof | Drive your business

James Latter and Bill Sullivan met in 2001, when Bill joined the staff at James' church as Executive Pastor. Over time, Bill and James developed a working relationship and friendship through ministry together at the church, focusing on the business aspects of the ministry. Bill’s small IT consulting company, Northwest Planning, began providing services to James’ roofing company, Cornerstone Roofing, Inc.

Bill and James began to have discussions regarding the need in the roofing construction industry for a simple-to-use  estimating tool that would significantly reduce the potential for errors associated with estimating roofing work. These discussions evolved into an idea for a comprehensive project management tool for the roofing industry. In 2007, Bill resigned his work as a pastor and began working for James as CEO for Cornerstone Roofing. At the same time, James and Bill formed a partnership, Roofing Contractor Solutions, Inc. (RCSi), to begin the design and development of what is now known as the ProjecTracker℠ software package.

James and Bill’s partnership combined their diverse talents in complementary ways.  James’ extensive knowledge and experience with the roofing industry helped develop a carefully-crafted software which addresses a roofing contractor’s biggest concerns without unnecessary complexity. Bill’s 30 years of computer programming and IT management experience, as well as 15 years of experience as an engineer and construction manager, allowed him the flexibility to develop the software that the team envisioned, with all the power and ingenuity that the product requires. Today, the ProjecTracker℠ software package is being successfully used by several roofing companies in Canada and the United States, and continues to grow.